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Joan & Alan Cooke

March: Arrowtown’s Heritage Treasure-houses

Visit to the Lakes District Museum with guided tour by the Director, David Clarke, and to Arrow Kilwinning Lodge with talk by Taylor Reed.

18 and 19 April: ‘People From Our Past’

At the Arrowtown Presbyterian Hall, as part of the Arrowtown Autumn Festival: six historical figures from around the district were presented: Hakitekura, Frances Rees, Charles Low, Julien Bourdeau, Edward Thompson and Stella Poole.

2 May: Celebration of the Society’s 50th Anniversary

Trip on the TSS Earnslaw to Walter Peak Station, with function, and launch of

Heritage Alive, the history of the Society, by Danny Knudson.


Activities for Members

Spring 2014 - Autumn 2015

24 August

Launch of the 2015 Calendar, 2-4pm, Arrowtown Presbyterian Hall

The talks were published in the next two Courier magazines.

16 November

AGM at St Margaret’s Church Hall, Frankton,

Guest speaker, Dame Elizabeth Hanan, talked about Lorenzo Resta, who built her house in McDonnell Road.

26 November

Launch of the Smartphone app at the Queenstown Memorial Centre

By the Mayor, Vanessa van Uden, with sponsors, invited guests and members

14 December

Picnic at the Hanans’ house, noon-4pm